Hello, I'm Mark, I'm a freelance animator based in the the North of England.I use the C4d and After Effects pipeline, with additional render engines, plug-ins and add-ons that are suited for particular projects. 

I work mainly in medical visualisation, engineering and technical visualisation, product and prototype visualisation and infographics, but you'll see in the reel that I'm a generalist and work across all genres, styles and subject matter. I'm experienced in the whole workflow from modelling, rigging, lighting, camera framing, materials and animation, through to assembly, editing, effects and sound design.

I'm often involved at the early stages of the project with concept and ideas work, storyboarding and look development, then working through the whole process to handing over final edits. Alternatively, I can join a project / team at any stage of a project.

Animov has been the name of my business as a freelance animator since 2010. 

mark@animov.co.uk     |     07986 944 783